Frank Espinosa, PA
Frank Espinosa, PA, Licensed Real Estate Agent & Business Broker VETERINARY DIVISION Frank Espinosa graduated from Florida International University, Miami Florida with a Degree in Business Administration & Marketing. At a very young age Frank took to the streets selling, marketing, talking, developing business relationships, and understanding the numbers. As he grew, his love for business also grew and he went on to study business, marketing, and accounting. All that aside, his true passion is actually creating relationships and doing Sales & Marketing. For Frank, SALES is NOT persuading someone to buy something, but rather the act of enrolling them in the reason why the product or service is what they need.The same goes for you, the VETERINARIAN. As the trusted provider, you have to educate and help your patients see the value and benefit of a healthy smile and body. Frank works with several of his TEAM members to help value your practice, as well as direct you to the right people that can help grow your market to be more financially secure. He has encountered several veterinarians still working at the age of 70+ and it saddens him to hear them say, “I made several bad decisions during my career so I have to keep working.” He will stay alongside you as long as you own that office.
Adriana Cormier
Southeast Florida Regional Manager
Dedicated to Dental Industry since 1990. I love every aspect and every area in dentistry, my passion has driven me to contribute to the success of several Practices. My extensive experience, knowledge and skills in administration makes me one of the few consultants and trainers that has actually worked in the Dental Industry hands on, with true life experience, my attitude out-of-the-box thinking with tried-and-true consulting skills has make significant difference, joining forces and knowledge with Frank Espinosa; senior real estate consultant Business Broker with over 20 years of experience, under one team we can deliver effectively and creatively, solutions for your success. Guided by our advice you’ll have the foundation for success that’s set for many decades to come, understanding the importance of Selling or Buying a dental practice with real estate or taking over a lease, new dental practice or existing dental practice we are the team that can bring to you a dream come true! Let us help you an assist you finding your dream practice or selling your practice. Confidentiality and loyalty is my integrity.
Diego Echeverri
Central Florida Regional Manager
Diego has been a dentist in Colombia since 1992. He graduated from Autonomous University of Manizales, Colombia, and completed his postgraduate studies in Administrative Management. During the past 26 years, he has successfully achieved his professional objectives; to be a prominent dentist and to own and manage his own dental practices in Cali, Colombia since he received his professional license in 1992. His vision has always been to create a profitable business model and a strong organization that offers its employees and patients the opportunities to fulfill their personal goals. With his vast knowledge of the dental industry, his mission is to provide our clients with the best guidance and best business objectives for the development and acquisition of new dental practices.